The English connection

I am writing from a room in the campus of the University of Birmingham, were the British Ecological Society annual meeting is taking place. If you happen to be around, I will present my talk on Thursday 20th: “Some like it hot – others not. Population and community effects of temperature and habitat size in protist microcosms” (10.15, Arts Lecture Room 2). I know, I keep recycling the same title over and over again! It also has the usual first slide with Marylin Monroe’s picture, for that matter. I like it, it’s catchy. Now that someone pointed it out, I promise next time I will squeeze my brains and come out with a new title. (Besides, the rest of the talk is brand new).

Before coming to Birmingham I stopped by the Queen Mary University in London, were Eoin O’Gorman organized the first Hengill workshop (14-16 December 2012). Continue reading

Notes from Madagascar (2)

Here is some more information about where have I been hiding all November.

I joint a course in Tropical Biology held by the Tropical Biology Association in the Kirindy Forest, on the central-western side of Madagascar: the map below shows where we stayed.

Visualizzazione ingrandita della mappa

On the left-hand side of the yard are the huts that served as classroom, lab and canteen, while on the right hand side, with a bit of imagination, you can even see the cabin where I used to sleep. We were lodged in the Kirindy Park’s tourist centre, namely a handful of huts in the middle of the forest. Continue reading

Notes from Madagascar

I have just come back to Zurich after one month in Madagascar, where I attended a course in tropical ecology held by the Tropical Biology Association (TBA). I brought back a bushy beard, 5 GB of pictures, new ideas and wonderful memories of a mind-blowing experience. Continue reading