From Iceland with love

I am back from 12 wonderful days hiking across, on and in lava fields, glaciers, geothermal areas, deserts, gorges, hills shaded of yellow, red, green and blue.

Iceland really is an amazing country, where physical phenomena are so active, and inanimate things change so fast that they seem alive.

The weather was very icelandic: now sunny, then pouring rain, then sunny again.
When I arrived in mid July, the night was still just a theoretical concept. Continue reading

Leaving to Iceland

Failing to plan is planning to fail!

Who did I hear this pearl of wisdom from?

Anyhow: in spite of setbacks and my innate talent for procrastination, (almost) all is set (more or less) for my departure to Iceland. I am going back to Hengill, where I will stay until August 25th to continue the sampling of the microbial diversity in “our” streams.

This time I am leaving two weeks ahead of the rest of the ecologists’ wild bunch: before starting the fieldwork I am taking two weeks to explore the island, hiking with my friend and colleague Glauco. Stay tuned.