From Iceland with love

I am back from 12 wonderful days hiking across, on and in lava fields, glaciers, geothermal areas, deserts, gorges, hills shaded of yellow, red, green and blue.

Iceland really is an amazing country, where physical phenomena are so active, and inanimate things change so fast that they seem alive.

The weather was very icelandic: now sunny, then pouring rain, then sunny again.
When I arrived in mid July, the night was still just a theoretical concept. Now daylight is quickly becoming shorter and we even have a few hours of real night time (more or less).

A full report will follow in the Travel section of this website at some point (very likely, not before autumn). Meanwhile, enjoy some pictures:


(more here:

Now I am in Reykjavìk, gently switching back to working mode.
The day before yesterday I joined the Americans at Hengill. Being back to covered-in-mud ecology made me excited as a child.
While I was giving the Americans a hand, they briefed me about some of the many things they are doing. I also saw their heat exchanger set and working, finally. It uses the hot water from Stream 8 to heat up Stream 7, only a few meters away. The water downstream the exchanger is ~5°C hotter! I can’t wait for analyzing the protist community in the heated stream.

Hengill’s ecosystem is even more impressive than I remembered, and the american team is really exploiting its potential. Not that we and Guy’s people are dragging our feet, but since the americans are always here their efforts are much more evident).

Katarina Fussmann will be here in the afternoon and, everything being smooth, tomorrow we will begin sampling.