Come si comportano le piante per attirare i loro impollinatori

[english version]

Recentemente ho pubblicato, insieme a Olive Imanizabayo, Dennis Hansen, e Scott Armbruster, un articolo dove esaminiamo come il ‘comportamento’ dei fiori possa influenzarne l’impollinazione. Ci siamo concentrati, in particolare, sul movimento di certe strutture extraflorali, e su come questo possa modificare l’accesso ai fiori da parte degli insetti impollinatori. Continue reading

Plants that ‘behave’ to optimize pollination

[Italian translation]

Recently, together with Olive Imanizabayo, Dennis Hansen, and Scott Armbruster, I published an article where we explore the role of flowers’ ‘behaviour’ in their pollination. Specifically we looked at the movement of some extrafloral structures and how could it affect the access of flower visitors.

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Most plants rely on flowers to reproduce. For transferring pollen to ovules (future seeds), most flowering plants rely on animals, that for this reason are called pollinators. In the evolutionary push toward optimizing pollination success, plants develope “floral syndromes”, Continue reading

Notes from Madagascar (2)

Here is some more information about where have I been hiding all November.

I joint a course in Tropical Biology held by the Tropical Biology Association in the Kirindy Forest, on the central-western side of Madagascar: the map below shows where we stayed.

Visualizzazione ingrandita della mappa

On the left-hand side of the yard are the huts that served as classroom, lab and canteen, while on the right hand side, with a bit of imagination, you can even see the cabin where I used to sleep. We were lodged in the Kirindy Park’s tourist centre, namely a handful of huts in the middle of the forest. Continue reading

Notes from Madagascar

I have just come back to Zurich after one month in Madagascar, where I attended a course in tropical ecology held by the Tropical Biology Association (TBA). I brought back a bushy beard, 5 GB of pictures, new ideas and wonderful memories of a mind-blowing experience. Continue reading