Birthday on the rocks

I turned 27 on October 21st. At this point I should feel adult, yet sometimes I have the feeling I am becoming older without gaining in maturity. I wonder if it is just a feeling.

I celebrated a climbing birthday. After desiring it for a long time, I could finally go to the Bockmattli: on the Westwaendli route, with my friend Christopher.

Given the concurrence of this climb and my anniversary I would be tented to give in to cheap philosophy, starting babbling about climbing as a metaphore of life, etc. I will spare the raving and keep to describing the route, without dirtying its pure beauty with existential nonsense. Continue reading

How to read ANCOVA summary tables in R

I don’t know about you, but as soon as models get slightly complex I keep forgetting how to read R’s summary tables properly. I mean, the first lines are easy, but what about the weird interacting effects? I know, it is quite embarassing.

I put an example here, pro memoria for me and for you to read it, in case you are interested. Continue reading